Analogplanet Radio's President's Day Show Now Available For Streaming

Analogplanet Radio's President's Day Show is now available for streaming here and on the website.

The musical theme is President's Day even though February is pledge month, so expect the usual barrage of money-begging. And this show is more politically oriented than usual, both because of President's Day, and because of the passing of Judge Antonin Scalia and the campaign fallout.

I tried to find political balance but the fact is, there are few conservative songs—at least that I could find. The only one I know is "I'm For Barry, and I'm for freedom", which was sung at a Young Americans For Freedom event I attended back in 1964 when I supported Goldwater (as did Hillary Clinton). So I sang it A cappella. Yes,I actually remembered the tune!

I also found a very old David Bowie song that start's the show, and the Ferit Odman "On a Misty Night" that's also on my YouTube channel and another jazz track you'll find interesting. And then it's on to President's Day! (Note: I forgot to start the CD-R recorder at the beginning of the show so I recorded the first minute or so using a microphone from the station's stream. All of the music though, was recorded to CD-R and so sounds fine.

I hope you make it to "America" by Simon and Garfunkel (not to be taken as a Bernie endorsement) because this original pressing sounds magnificent even as an MP3.

Set List President’s Day:

David Bowie: Can’t Help Thinking About Me
Ferit Odman: On a Misty Night
TV All Stars: Peter Gunn Theme
Henry Mancini: Baby Elephant Walk
Dion: Abraham, Martin and John
Greg Brown: ’64 Dodge
Ry Cooder: FDR in Trinidad
Elvis Costello: Eisenhower Blues
Paul Revere & The Raiders: Our Candidate
Randy Newman: Mr. President (Have Pity on the Poor)
Byrne/Eno: America is Waiting
1000 Points of Light: Don Was
Cream: Politician
Ramones: Bonzo Goes to Bitburg
Ani DiFranco: Which Side Are You On?
CSN&Y: Ohio (live)
Neil Young: Campaigner
Stevie Wonder: You Haven’t Done Nothing
James Taylor: Let it All Fall Down
Robyn Hitchcock: The President
America: Simon and Garfunkel
NoFX: Leaving Jesusland
Greg Holden: I Don’t Believe You
Loudon Wainright III: Dead Skunk

Bill - LKV's picture

How about Barry's Boys by the Chad Mitchel Trio?

Michael Fremer's picture
Now I dew!
thomoz's picture

Balled of the Green Berets. That might have been a fun addition.

Then there's "Young Americans" you played a couple weeks back.

HalSF's picture

...downloading the show in higher quality.

Michael Fremer's picture
But I don't want to risk losing Soundcloud privileges...
Cobion's picture

The stereo separation from that 1959 track is stunning! along with the mastering. I was seriously shocked! what an impact, What was the LP cat # on that?

Michael Fremer's picture
Somerset Stereo Fidelity SF-8800.
Cobion's picture

looking for decent copy on Discogs right now!
And thanks for doing what you do, I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles and listening to your shows!

Tuck1977's picture

Cream track sounded good I haven never heard a US version. Please could you play the entire wheels of Fire at some stage, well at least some tracks live or studio. My UK sounds like a dogs mess, my recent go too listen is the 2015 version, I am now looking for the US Monarch version thanks Mr Fremer.

azmoon's picture

Read My Lips!!!

avanti1960's picture

as a first time listener i was extremely informed and entertained by the AP radio show. loved that 60's bowie song as well as the ferit odman track- amazing stuff!
why is it that the best music is the most difficult to find (and vice versa)??
i really enjoyed the pledge drive promotion as strange as it may seem. especially the part where if we pledge enough to win a coffee mug, we should not accept the coffee mug so the station can keep the money. priceless!

Ognir's picture

Michael, awesome work man. Looking forward for your next broadcast!

john ryan horse's picture

I believe it was S&G's America playing on the turntable when Trump stopped in is tracks, sat down and listened as if for the first time, and had his vision for making America great again. BTW Anybody have that Bernie Sanders record?
Michael you must have Senator Everett Dirkson's best selling album from the late '60s?

Michael Fremer's picture
I don't have that but I do have Sam Ervin singing "Bridge Over Troubled Water"!