AnalogPlanet Radio's WFDU HD2 Bob Dylan Nobel Prize Tribute Show

"Bob Dylan" stops by the WFDU-HD2 studios to talk with AnalogPlanet editor "Michael Fremer" about his Nobel Prize for Literature and his career. The "two" spin records and Bob recollects leaving Hibbing, MN for Minneapolis, Chicago and then New York City.

Today's music was transferred using the Lyra Etna SL cartridge/Swedish Analog Technologies pick up arm, Continuum Caliburn turntable and D'Agostino phono preamplifier.

The music is a mix of original "1A" pressings, or later, but very early pressings, a Mobile Fidelity 45rpm reissue, the recent Dylan mono box set plus some great Dylan song covers.

The set list:

1) Harry Belafonte: “The Midnight Special”
2) Bob Dylan: “Blowin’ In the Wind” (Live)
3) BD: “Song To Woody”
4) BD: “Blowin in the Wind”
5) BD: “Don’t Think Twice…”
6) PPM: “Don’t Think Twice…”
7) Sebastian Cabot: “Don’t Think Twice…”
8) The Wonder?: “Don’t Think Twice…”
9) BD: “I’ll Keep It With Mine”
10) Fairport Convention: “I’ll Keep It With Mine”
11) BD: “Only a Hobo”
12) Rod Stewart “Only a Hobo”
13) BD: “Percy’s Song”
14) Fairport Convection: “Percy’s Song”
15) BD: “The Times Are a Chang.
16) BD: “All I Really Want to Do”
17) Mr. 12 String Guitar: “All I Really Want To Do”
18) The Hollies: “All I Really Want To Do”
19) The Byrds: “Chimes of Freedom”
20) The Turtles: “It Aint Me Babe”
21) BD: “Subterranean”
22) BD: “Tambourine Man”
23) The Byrds: “Mr. Tamourine Man” (stereo)
24) BD: “Like a Rolling Stone”
25) BD: “From a Buick Six” (fast version)
26) BD: Rainy Day Women 12 & 35"

Devil Doc's picture

You're going to have a tough time topping this one.


Devil Doc's picture

Ya, got me for a minute or so.

Michael Fremer's picture
My friend Joe Harley just texted me.... I was happy with it...especially since I didn't script it or plan it out....I just did it...
Paul Robertson's picture

An excellent sense of humor (I'm a Canuck but I'll go with the American spelling cause I love ya) you have Mike, thank you for that!

tube dog's picture

Gino Vannelli?

Michael Fremer's picture
As Bob..... circa 1984
Grant M's picture

Boy oh boy do 'What We Did On Our Holidays', and 'Unhalfbricking' need some really first class reissues!

Michael Fremer's picture
They've had some bad ones...
Ortofan's picture

... any songs from either Boo or Lucky Wilbury.
Possibly "Dirty World" from Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 or
"7 Deadly Sins" from T-W Vol. 3.

Michael Fremer's picture
Got to Blonde on Blonde!