AnalogPlanet Radio's WFDU HD2 Scary Halloween Show!

(Originally aired October, 2016) Perfect for playing tonight when the kids come Trick-or-Treating! Includes a tribute to the late John Zacherle and includes excerpts from his Philly and New York television shows. Enjoy! (Picture: John Zacherle and me, meatpacking district 1980 something or other).

1) Lecture by Zacherley!
2) Bobby “Boris Pikcett: Monster Mash
3) Mussorgsky: Night on Bare Mountain (Power of the Orchestra version for some reason I said "Pictures at an Exhibition" :-( )
4) Vic Mizzy: Adams Family Them
5) Ray Parker, Jr.: Ghost Busters
6) Dan Hicks: I Scare Myself
7) Harry Lubin: “Fear”
8) Donovan: Season of the Witch
9) Blue Oyster Cult: Harvester of Eyes
10) Michael Jackson: Thriller
11) Max Steiner: King Kong
12) Zacherley: Drac Fizz
13) Harry Belafonte: Shake Senora
14) Creed Taylor: High Wind
15) Idiot Flesh: Teen Devil Worshiper
17) Bernard Hermann: The Day The Earth Stood
18) John Cale: Fear Is a Man’s Best Friend
19) Joseph Bishara: Insidious
20) Bernard Herrmann: Psycho
21) Dave Edmunds: Creature From Black Lagoon
22) Creed Taylor: Haunt
23) Zacherle: Opera
24) The Cramps: I was a Teenage Werewolf
25) Lambert, Hendricks and Ross: Halloween Spooks
26) Bach Tocatand Fugue in D

spot1019's picture

I thought that was Mikey and Jerry Orbach

Paul Robertson's picture

I have a soft spot for Blue Oyster Cult. I'll also assume you found the washroom shortly after this photo was taken Mike! :-)

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Thanks for the show. I must have missed it the first time. Q: What do you think of a platter on magnet field? There are expensive ones: but they have always at least the axis connected. But this one is really floating free:
I could not resist, anyway, and ordered.