Hagerman Kicks It Up More Than a Few Notches With Trumpet Reference MC/MM Phono Preamplifier

Spotted in the Wes Bender Audio room the new (Jim) Hagerman Trumpet Reference MC/MM phono preamplifier. Uses 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes. Features both MC and MM inputs with a wired remote control for all adjustment functions also available on front panel.

The Trumpet Reference features fully balanced differential, zero feedback class "A: operation, adjustable gain up to 70dB for MC input (using balanced JFET input), four EQ curve choices and more. Retail is $7200. If it sounds as good as it looks it will sound fantastic!

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Hi Mikey,

it would be nice to read your review about this little one, if you will have time between audio shows of course ;-).

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It must have been a good feeling taking part in that audio show and more fascinating to hold some recognitions out of your work. - James Stuckey