"Live" From Asbury Park! Analogplanet Radio Show Three

Today's weather in the New York/NJ metro area was so hot and humid (96 degrees) the idea of spending even an hour in a studio on such a beautiful but hot day simply didn't appeal so I drove down to Asbury Park and did the third edition of analogplanet radio "live" from the New Jersey Shore!

Before giving you the link to where you can stream today's show, let me announce the FDU.fm streaming app for iPhone and Android. Go to the Apple or Android app store and you can download it and listen on your phone (hopefully with good headphones!).

For now the archiving function has yet to be implemented so if you download the app and click on "HD2", you'll only be able to access what is currently streaming, which is not analogplanet radio, but hopefully that feature will soon be available, as will be the live show broadcast over the air on FDU's HDRadio channel 2.

For now you can stream today's show live by clicking here

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed doing it!

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Michael, I love what you're doing on the show! and by all means, give us all the technical info! Recording engineers, mixers, who mastered the album, what edition, how it was recorded, what it was recorded on , etc... I would also love to hear interviews with the people from "behind the scenes"... Would you take suggestions for a theme for a show?

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Themes welcome....
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How about a show just about covers of popular songs (I.E. "Here Comes the Sun/ The Two Of Us" by Denny Doherty (a favorite of mine!), "That Will Be The Day" by Linda Ronstadt, "How Sweet It Is" by James Taylor, etc)

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Will do that.
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Listened to the show on the way to work and was blown away by Octopus's Garden. Finding a clean 1st pressing is now high on my list.

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to hear it for those of us who couldn't tune in live?

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Going to finally listen to the shows tonight.

These would be interesting themes for the show:
1)cutting and mastering engineers and their best work (Sax, Gray, Grundman, Hoffman etc)
2)same records cut from analog and digital source (compared)
3)great sounding records cut from digital only
4)bad sounding records (would be controversial, but interesting)
5)EU vs US differences of the same record


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to hear if after all of what happens between record and playback, those kinds of differences are audible. So probably will do just one tune comparison and await feedback.
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"For now you can stream today's show live" made it seem like the link lead to the website where it was streaming live, not where it was archived by Fremer. Whatever ... listening now and loving it.

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Because so few were listening to show #1 I'm going to repeat it live on the 24th and then post it on analogplanet so everyone can listen to it...
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I can't recall the last time I sat down to listen to a radio show in its entirety but your new show has got me doing just that ! I like the music and the sound is far ahead of any internet radio I've ever heard. I also appreciate the information about the tracks that have been played. I look forward to enjoying many more broadcasts, well done Michael, you are now a real DJ !

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I'm hearing excellent new (to me) music and just enough classic stuff to keep things comfortable. I wish all radio was more like that.

I don't know if I'd want a show too bogged down in audiophile comparisons, just for the fear of taking up too much air time playing the same song more than once. Maybe just little segments here and there. Your download shootouts are ideal for that type of thing.

Thanks, Mikey.


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Downloaded it and transfered it to another container (.wav) that is supported by my dear old first edition Philips Vibe Gogear with my old pre-2005 MDR-ED21LP headphones. Nothing beats that combination on-the-go for me, because this devices have connected to my inner brain over the years and even better sounding headamps and phones don't let the music flow better in my nerves. So I walked through a fairly sunny Vienna this morning and felt the breeze of the US-coast. Most of all, it is your enthusiasm that carries the show (and also this site). Glad, you played Radiohead, too! And I just bought on ebay the Hollies Another Night because of your 3rd show! Wonder, whether the UK.Polydor sounds better than the US.Epic...(?)

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Hi, I'm from Vienna as well, BUT AUSTRIA,
I'm employee at an High End Shop since 25 years now (You know the owner very well ;-)), and although I listen to CD as well (to performances I cannot get in another format), but prefer analogue sources by a wide margin. Highres starts to grow at me, but only "native" recordings - I do not like so much the remastered analogue stuff.
So I downloaded Your shows, burnt them to CDs (will collect them - the next 97 shows as well!) and listened to them over my PS Audio PWT/DS Combo. Unbelievable ;-). So much music and feeling left, even after that long way to my home. Bought "Carolina Chocolate Drops" immediately and "Wire" will follow as well. Good work, great fun - carry on! All the best from Vienna!

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me, too. Vienna, Austria. Seems Michael Fremer ist a VIP in Vienna. Vinyl shops never disappeared in this country.

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