Parade of New and Upgraded Turntables at High End Munich 2016

See and hear described new and upgraded turntables from Thorens L'Art du Son, Mobile Fidelity, Thales, Landmesser Audio and Blackstone. A translating glitch leaves the impression that Blackstone's Pabst motors are new. They are new old stock, not newly manufactured ones.

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When I saw that Thorens on static display I just had to take a picture too! It looks beautiful even with the hefty price tag, 10k or so in Euro currency? The proliferation of turntables at Munich 2016 was stupendous! Even exhibitors who heretofore have eschewed the analogue turntable had to accept reality and included a turntable in their systems this year. I am thinking of, but not exclusively, Mark Levinson/Harmon, Nordost and Raidho but there were many, many others. Brinkmann turntables were everywhere at the show, it seems, and were responsible for a lot of the great sound I heard from vinyl. Nick Cave sounded out of this world in the Fono/Wadax room through a system that included a Brinkmann turntable and Wilson Audio Sascha loudspeakers (?).

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What about the TRUE vintage and one of a kind restored Thorens turntables restored by authentic and passionate swiss company, Swissonor, also exposing their vintage, but improved and restored gear, at Munich High End?

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Nice to hear and see a lot of Simone.

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Steel or aluminum with wood plinths without a gazillion switches and knobs.
I lusted after TTs like this when I was younger and still do.

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...3 decades ago, or the equivalent of slightly under $2K now, adjusted for inflation.
Could that exact same design be (re)produced today and at what price could it be brought to market?

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Those look great, reminds me of 60's futuristic design. Sleek and minimalist.