"Picnic With Dunkelbunt" Analogplanet Radio Show Now Available

Today's Analogplanet radio show features an all-female artist set list.

The show was not without its technical glitches. The second song, Samantha Crain's "Elk City" from her superb new AAA album had to be stopped midway through because the SEEDEE got hung up (also I said it was pressed at RTI but it was at QRP). Yes, while everything is transferred at 96/24, for logistical purposes, it's all transferred to two CDs and one CD had a problem. After careful cleaning the track later played through but still with a slight bit glitching. There was also an odd noise during another track that emanated from something in the studio.

Still, I think you'll enjoy the eclectic mix of Armatrading, Nina Simone, The Pretenders, Carly Simon, Rickie Lee Jones, Patsy Cline, Fiona Apple, Julie London and Jenny Lewis.

I called it "Picnic With Dunkelbunt" because when I put the CD of the show into the computer that's what iTunes identified it as being and it made me laugh (a lot).

You can listen to the show here

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since it fits here. Lately I could not listen to my Astell Kern on the walk anymore. It has all the great sound digital can give, but after a while it is all so uniform sounding and therefore fatigueing, that I stopped listening. Lately I downloaded the new Miley Cyrus Petz mp3 files and played them through my standalone Oppo-player recorded on old-fashioned Musiccassette at a Sony WM-D6. And since one week I am listening to it on my walkman Panasonic SR-80. That is a sound. Michael, maybe you should start to record AAA to Musiccassette and play that tapes at the radiostation... For personal pleasure I can recommend MC over digital, for sure.

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:) Yes, but first he should convert them to MP3 if he is to achieve the level of sound experienced by you listening to Miley Cyrus. That you can then stream. Digitally.

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On the upside, I can never unhear these beautiful vinyl transfers.

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I propose a class action suit!

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Seeing that (me) in person...