A Special Three Hour WFDU HD2 Tribute to Rudy Van Gelder Streams Now

Here's a special three hour AnalogPlanet Radio WFDU HD2 tribute to the late Rudy Van Gelder that aired today. Below in the set list but not inserted in the list are the many segments of an on-air interview pianist/musicologist Ben Sidran conducted during the mid 1980's with Rudy Van Gelder used here with Sidran's permission.

Of course everything played is from vinyl, some original pressings, some reissues. Enjoy!

Sonny Rollins: Alfie
Monk Mysterioso with Rollins
Art Blakey Night in Tunesia
Miles Davis: Funny Valentine
Gary McFarland: Sage Hands
Cannonball Adderley: Daddy-O
Hank Mobley: Remember
Hank Mobley: This I Dig of You
Grant Green: Jean De Fleur
Oliver Nelson: Butch and Butch
Larry Young Zoltan
Herbie Hancock: Maiden Voyage
Kenny Burrell: Chittlins Con Carne
Jim Hall: Two’s Blues
Jazz’s Greatest Hits Kenny Drew: Groovin’ the Blues
Antonio Carlos Jobim: Tereza My Love
John Coltrane: A Love Supreme (“Acknowledgement”)

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... Mitsubishi digital recorder and was no fan of the LP, according to this interview:

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Had you listened to the show.
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... actually listening to your show when it's on live.
I'll try not to make that mistake, again.

I was curious to know what was so special about the piano chosen for the studio, but he managed to dodge the specifics of that question. After that, I tuned out for the rest of the talk.

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Where he extolls the virtues of digital and disses vinyl (etc.)
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... (especially the phono cartridge) he used when he made that determination? Speakers and amps, too? Was he also using whatever was the best lathe/cutter?
What would have been considered the "state-of-the-art" for LP playback equipment circa 1980?

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No one has any idea on what he listened. But he had a Scully lathe similar to what Bernie Grundman uses, though I'm not sure about the cutter head....
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for this show

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A great tribute to a great man,thank you Michael

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Really enjoyed it. Will always remember RVG as a pre-eminent friend of Jazz and an engineering ambassador.

How about one on Roy DuNann, now? :^)

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And a fascinating interview. Thanks for your dedication to the music and the medium.

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The three-hour WFDU HD2 tribute to Rudy Van Gelder is a fitting homage to the legendary recording engineer. Van Gelder's contributions to jazz are immeasurable, shaping the genre's sound for decades. This broadcast provides an opportunity to celebrate his remarkable legacy and appreciate the artistry he captured in countless iconic recordings.connections game

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Wow! This is truly a special treat for jazz enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates the incredible work of Rudy Van Gelder. A three-hour tribute on WFDU HD2 is not something you want to miss.

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