Analog Planet Radio "Columbus Day Special" Now Available For Download

Today's Analog Planet Radio show, hosted by "Michele Fremere" is now available.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be surprised and want to eat pizza pie (which is redundant of course).

You-a gotta clicka here-a

Auric G's picture

Why you noa playa soma Led Zeppole?

Michael Fremer's picture
Made me laugh!
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thomoz's picture

You could do another hour next week of all Italian ,all jazz.

i can't wait for the 2-hour shows.

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Michael, Will you be doing a Halloween / Spooky themed show this month?

Michael Fremer's picture
That will be the October 26th show.
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Are song requests for that theme welcome?

Michael Fremer's picture
what is it?
AJMHobby's picture

The Legend of Wooley Swamp by The Charlie Daniels Band and/or anything from The Alan Parsons Project album "Tales Of Mystery & Imagination".