Analogplanet Radio Gene Clark Tribute Show Now Available For Streaming and Downloading

David Bowie's death came as a complete shock to everyone this morning. I don't even know where to start other than to write that like John Lennon's death, you wake up to a different, diminished world. This Gene Clark Tribute Show had been prepared prior to leaving for The Consumer Electronics Show and time did not allow switching to a Bowie tribute but be assured that will come next week.

Fortunately, Gene Clark's music and especially his story do not clash with the sad mood set by Bowie's passing. I'm glad I hadn't prepared a Bonzo Dog Band show this week.

As you'll hear, the combination of the Bowie news and CES exhaustion produced a somewhat diminished vocal performance from your Analogplanet Radio Show host, but the music speaks for itself and the tale told by the songs is a compelling one. Here's the set-list produced from original pressings. I hope you enjoy even as the wound remains raw from the passing of one of the legends of rock'n'roll.

Also available for streaming on website under HD2 channel.

I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better
Here Without You
Set You Free This Time
The World Turns All Around Her
If You’re Gone
Eight Miles High
She Has A Way
Echoes (Gosdin Brothers)
Echoes (Collector’s Edition)
Tried So Hard (Gosdin Brothers)
Tried so Hard (Collector’s Edition)
Out on Side (OP)
Out on Side (Sundazed)
Out on Side (R2R)
Don’t Come Rollin’
Train Leaves Here This Morning
Through the Morning, Through the Night
White Light (demo)
White Light
Because of You (demo)
Because of You
No Other

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... for the beautiful tribute to one of my all-time favorite artists. I am the other guy that bought all these records as they were originally released and I continue to play and enjoy them to this day. Just one nit. You left out the song that Dylan has said he wished that he had written, "For A Spanish Guitar" from the "White Light" album.

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I made the comment that I'd not put that song in the selection and that Dylan had said that!
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I posted about halfway through listening, based on your printed playlist. Having said that, in my opinion a tribute to Gene Clark,though always deserved on his part and greatly appreciated on mine, is incomplete without that tune.

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What can I tell you?
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I have to say I Loved every minute of the show. Like the previous poster said, Gene Clark is one of my all-time favourites.

As you commented during the show Michael, when I first heard The Byrds, they were a group and I didn't take any notice of who wrote what, it was only years later I became aware of who was the main songwriter in The Byrds. Gene's voice sounded great on some of the demos you played. The documentary 'The Byrd Who Flew Alone' about him really gave an insight into why all the wrong roads were walked.

I possess...
White Light (Sundazed)
No Other (Original US)
Roadmaster (Sundazed)
Roadmaster (Edsel, UK)
Gene Clark with The Gosdin Brothers
Fyrebird (Takoma)
Fyrebird (Vinyl Lovers)
Two Sides To Every Story

Love the show even though I am thousands of miles away, Irish time I listen live from 5-7pm, what would we do without technology.

James, Dublin, Ireland

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Add Gene Clark & Carla Olson - So Rebellious a Lover.

James, Dublin, Ireland

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Thanks so much for featuring Gene's music! This is a nice selection of Gene's work throughout his career. Fans of Gene's music may be interested in knowing that there is an upcoming 2 record vinyl set of unheard Gene Clark tracks from 1964-1982 coming out from Sierra Records. Exciting news!

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I could swear I once heard a different version of Why Not Your Baby from The Fantastic Expedition of D&C many years ago. The version I heard on the vinyl 45 reissue from Sundazed is not what I recall. Do you have an original tape or 45 for comparison? Hearing the differences with Out On The Side is making me wonder which version I heard.

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Was the original LP the Sundazed 33 and the original R2R tape. All were the same take. Perhaps the 45 uses a different one? I don't have that.
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Thank you! This track was not included on the original LP or the MSFL CD re-issue from the late 80s/early 90s. It was originally released as a 45 single. The Sundazed vinyl re-issue sounds different from what I remember, so I was wondering if there was a mono version out there or it could be that I just need a strong dose of Geritol.

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That I have the Mo-Fi "twofer". I should have used a track from that compared to LP...
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Thanks for the great Show on Gene Clark. One of my great concert memoires is seeing McGuinn, Clark & Hillman at the Keystone Palo Alto.

This was a great Club saw many great Bands acts including John Lee Hooker, Chuck Berry, Jerry Garicia, Greg Kihn Band (a regular), The Knack as an opening Act, The Flaming Grooives, Pearl Harbor and the Explosions, Rubinoos, Jan & Dean, Kinky Friedman, Bo Diddley. The Club was San Francisco meets Stanford.

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Guess you'll just have to do another Gene Clark show sometime...

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Long time reader/listener (and Gene Clark fan, vinyl person), first time poster here. Thanks for the great show! I have had all these original LPs (and more, but the "Mo Fi Twofer" is new to me) since issue and just wanted to add a few nerdy comments: (a) The Byrds' stereo LPs are indeed "real" stereo, except for the single tracks of "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Turn!Turn!Turn!". IIRC, when the Byrds' first four LPs were reissued by Sundazed ten or fifteen years ago, stereo remixes of those tracks were substituted. (In fact, a number of tracks were remixed - albeit very nicely - in the Sundazed Byrds reissue program.) (b) The "Wrecking Crew" guys played only on both sides of the Byrds' first single, not the rest of the "Mr. Tambourine Man" LP. (c) On the 1972 re-release of Clark's "With the Gosdin Brothers" record he re-recorded many if not most of his vocals. A few other bits may have been re-recorded as well, in addition to the wretched remix job and deletion of a couple of tracks. When the "Gosden Bros." LP was reissued in 2000 by Sundazed they wisely went back to the original master tape, although the audio quality was much impaired (no high end), probably due to tape degradation over the years. I suspect you know this stuff but it just got garbled due to post-CES haze. Thanks again for the great show. Oh, and I really like your vocal stylings!

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I'm largely Byrds and even more Gene Clark ignorant, so this is effectively my intro. I can already hear where this "jangly" guitar sound clearly influenced Peter Buck and to some extent Johnny Marr.

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How does analog planet radio work? Do you play the records in the studio or do you convert the songs to digital files at home etc. Is cd quality the best quality that we are able to listen to them?


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I record from vinyl at home at 96/24 and then create two CDs so I can crossfade in the studio. At least I did. I no longer do the show..
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I record from vinyl at home at 96/24 and then create two CDs so I can crossfade in the studio. At least I did. I no longer do the show..
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Michael...great show as always. I never get tired of "Set You Free This Time"..does anybody?

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And apparently I'm still exploring this music. Michael, I'm wondering if this is the Gene Clark No Other tour show you went to: 2014 in Brooklyn?