Pro-Ject at Munich High End 2017

Pro-Ject CEO/founder Heinz Lichtenegger shows editor Michael Fremer the heat of the company's 2017 turntable lineup including the Essential line and the "S" shaped tone arm line as well as the handsome Classic, which now includes an upgraded edition featuring an Ortofon Quintet Red MC cartridge, leather mat and record weight.

Also shown: a new $399 tube-based, all discrete electronics phono preamplifier selling for $399. And soon to be posted on an exclusive look at Pro-Ject's new Livotel, Czech Republic factory and new logistics/distribution center located in Austria.

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It also looks quite a bit like the VPI Classic. Patent/copyright infringement?

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Rectangular Plinth, circular platter and Tonearm, how dare they.

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but the audio was tough. Every time you looked away from his face his voice faded into the background din.

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I always enjoy your video time with Heinz. He is very energetic, entertaining and certainly right on the pulse of the needs for his customers. His enthusiasm makes me want to purchase one of his turntables after watching!

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As far as I am concerned, Heinz is a rock star in the industry! He is spot on with his philosophy and he provides everything any customer could want or need and at prices that....I don't know how he does it! Everything is high quality too, of course! Those tables are exciting, all of Project's stuff is exciting and Heinz is amazing at what he has done and continues to do. Those phono stages he is coming out with blow my mind! There are two models I am waiting and chomping at the bit to see in the US!

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It may be because I live in a van down by the river and have limited hi-if funds, but, aside from Beatle reissue reviews, conversations with Heinz are my very favorite features here on the ol' Planet. The guy appears to be a prince.

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... The Classic model with speed control, they should ditch the leather mat and put that money into the Quintet Blue cartridge instead of the Red - the net difference should only be about an extra $100. The standard felt mat works fine. If they do want to futz around with the mat, add some carbon fibers to the felt so it forms a conductive path between the record and the metal platter. Keep the Clamp-it, though.

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The classic has hidden depths. Just last week I got to hear one with a cadenza blue and a ringmat. Now that was a nice combination.

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I can relate to the enthusiasm, and there are a few of their products that look fantastic.

But as owner of a highly flawed Xtension 10, which neither they nor their importer have lifted a finger to assist me with, I can easily say I will never own another Pro-Ject product. For what this 'table cost new, the flaws are numerous and completely unacceptable in a product at this price level. I have a list of at least eight things that needed to be addressed...nada, nothing. Nobody will touch it or even acknowledge it.

And what's really frustrating is that even with all the crap I have to put up with, it still sounds better than anything I have ever owned. But it is such a pain to use that I rarely spin records now. I have pretty much quit buying vinyl since I don't even know when I'll be replacing this with a competent brand that has had more than a cursory brush with basic quality control procedures.

They need to cut down on all of these product introductions and put those resources into quality control. The problems with hum in the Debut Carbon, and their denial of the problem, should have been a huge red flag both for the company and its potential customers.

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... you could have bought a SOTA Sapphire Series V with a Jelco 750 tonearm. OTOH, for half that price, there's the "economy" version of the Technics SL-1200, which is likely to have excellent quality control and unlikely to ever give you any trouble.

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I'm likely going for one of the better Clearaudio tables, at the very least a Performance DC, but more likely an Ovation with one of the better arms. I am glad I did not pay full price for that Pro-Ject. ;) Certainly looks nice and sounds really good, but it sadly just doesn't hit the mark in build quality.

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... entry-level SME territory. Have you considered their Model 10?

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...unless you want to load your MM at 2kOhm. Look at the load options on the back. I expect this was just a one-off for trial, but the DIP switches had no 47KOhm option. Odd. What a fun report though!

Project really does need to create better instructions, they should have videos for all their product lines. There aren't even decent photos on the website. Heinz doesn't yet have a sharp web developer who knows to make that happen.

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