Got Live If You Want It! Analogplanet's "Live Recordings" Radio Show

Today's Analogplanet radio show featured all "live" albums.

All records transferred using Continuum Caliburn turntable, Swedish Analog Technologies tone arm, Lyra Atlas cartridge and Ypsilon VPS-100 phono preamp with Ypsilon MC-10L step up transformer.

Artists include Shirley Bassey, Alice in Chains, Roxy Music, Donovan, The Beach Boys, Bobby Darin, and Nina Siimone.

You can listen to today's show by clicking here

BTW: I was a recent guest on "Garden State" Evan Toth's FDU show that specializes in New Jersey artists. Evan visited and we transcribed records to digital for him to play on his show. I did more "blabbing" here than on my own show. You can listen here:

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I guess this'll make it accurate.

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Although for the first time you played music I don't like at all (Rooster).

The Nina Simone track was a jaw-dropper. I had never heard that one.

You played Lou Reed, Bert Kaempfert and Donovan - some days it feels like you're playing my own record collection back at me, re-shuffled but with a nicer cartridge! all that was missing (for me) was "Mama, Look A Boo Boo" from Belafonte at Carnegie Hall.

Really looking forward to seeing and hanging out you at the HiFi Buys event in Atlanta tomorrow night.

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What was the name of that band? After McCartney, before the Isleys. The name went by very fast and the show has to be re-played in it's entirety for me to hear that name uttered again. The web-player won't play from a sepcified point within the show (I tried). you can't back it up either.

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Is "Real Estate". GREAT RECORD! Reviewed on analogplanet
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During Evan's interview of you he posed the question has/will the vinyl revival "jump the shark". I would suggest that it already has.

Relative to other cities, used vinyl prices here and in Nashville are relaticvely low. I have been to stores in Tampa and Orlando and quickly discovered that a mono lp issued 1952-1968 of any genre except classical costs twice as much there as it does here - so taking this all into account, I was amazed to see that the common as dirt 1977 title Rumours by Fleetwood Mac has jumped from $5 or less here (and was common in dollar bins / thrift shops) to about $12 just in the last 18 months. These lps are surely not scarce by any stretch of the imagination but the price has tripled on this very common title.
The other evidence of stupid vinyl revival hysteria I've seen is the over-manufacture, over-priced RSD product. Dealers in Nashville and Atlanta have bins stuffed with RSD product, some pieces three years old, and they can't really mark these pieces down to move them without taking a major bath. That the mfr plants' schedules are clogged with RSD product demanded by the majors is all the more sickening taking this into account.

Perhaps the ultimate example of major label RSD insanity was the decision to re-press Kenny Rogers' The Gambler lp in 2013. This title even now is common as dirt for 77 cents on up in every Goodwill in the South. I feel truly sorry for any dealer who tried to stock that one. The website AVClub also noted and reported on this particular silliness (nevertheless they reviewed the release favorably).