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Today's show is a mix of "stuff" including from records pressed at the new Third Man Pressing Plant. Also comparisons between Analogue Productions' and Electric Recording Company's versions of Prestige monos and AAA and DSD sourced "Satisfaction" vinyl. And yes, if I sound sorta tired it's because I was!

1) The White Stripes: You’re Pretty Good Looking (for a Girl) 3rd Man
2) The White Stripes: You’re Pretty Good Looking (for a Girl) XL UK
3) The Johnson Spiritual Singers: I Believe There’s a Heaven Somewhere:
4) Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth For Christ Choir: Like a Ship
5) The Dukes of Dixieland and the Clara Ward Gospel Singers: Will You Be There?
6) Horace Andy: Straight to Hell
7) The Clash: Straight to Hell
8) Roy Orbison: You’ll Never Walk Alone
9) The Flying Burrito Brothers: Christine’s Tune
10) Gene Clark and Burrito Brothers: She Darked the Sun
11) Bob Dylan: Frankie Lee and Judas Priest
12) Judith Owen: Tell All Your Children
13) Alan Harris: Any Major Dude
14) The Rolling Stones: Satisfaction (tape)
15) The Rolling Stones: Satisfaction (DSD)
16) Bill Evans: I Do It All For Love
17) Tommy Flanagan: Relaxin’ In Camarillo (AP)
18) Tommy Flanagan: Relaxin’ in Camarillo (ERC)
19) Nick Culp: Division Street
20) Santana: Black Magic Woman
21) Simon Rattle/BPO: Brahms 4th 3rd movement

larson manor's picture

Definitely the ERC pressing, the detail is extraordinary. I can just imagine what it would sound like on my system, but I will never know, the cost is too much for this poor Winemaker. Cheers Mike, I really appreciate all the hard work you do for all us vinyl lovers.

Anton D's picture

Is that Neil Young's recording studio?

Michael Fremer's picture
In the front part of his pressing plant.
Anton D's picture

Didn't Neil lay some tracks down in it?

I will go look around.

Maybe I hallucinated that!

Grant M's picture

Does anyone know where the vinyl was pressed for the MGM box set that Michael mentions in this week's show? Discogs has almost no details.

Grant M's picture

The Paris Concert Volume Two is listed for pre-order on Acoustic Sounds, says it's coming in March 2017!

thomoz's picture

The 1991 Rhino cd 'Farther Along' has all but two tracks from 'Gilded Palace of Sin' on it, and the sound is amazing - one of Rhino's best ever sounding releases. I imagine that virtually your entire audience has a turntable, but for those who don't (or just want a portable version for the car) this disc makes an audiophile-grade source for this material.