AnalogPlanet Radio's WFDU HD2 "Spring is Here" Radio Show Streams Now

Today's playlist is all about spring, with a short detour to celebrate Chuck Berry and Larry Coryell.

1) Chuck Berry: Maybelline
2) Chuck Berry: Roll Over Beethoven
3) Chuck Berry: Rock and Roll Music>br> 4) Larry Coryell: Spaces (Infinite)
5) Vivaldi: The Four Seasons (La Primavera)
6) Bobby Darin: Spring Is Here
7) Count Basie: April in Paris
8) The Lovin’ Spoonful: Daydream
9) Bill Evans: You Must Believe in Spring
10) Ella Fitzgerald: Spring Can Hang You Up the Most
11) “Percy Dovetonsils”: Ode to a Fly
12) Real Estate: April’s Song
13) REM: The Lifting
14) Johnny Nash: I Can See Clearly Now
15) Nina Simone: Another Spring
16) OST My Fair Lady: Wouldn’t It Be Loverly
17) Frank Sinatra: Spring is Here
18) June Christie: Love of Spring
19) The Incredible String Band: Cousin Caterpillar
20) Nina Simone: Spring Is Here
21) Simon & Garfunkel: April Come She May
22) The Rascals” Groovin’
23) U2: Beautiful Day
24) Beach House: 10 Mile Stereo
25) The La’s: There She Goes

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An A.I. computer just finished composing the music and lyrics to a song titled Roll Over Chuck Berry, when it became 'aware' of Mr. Berry's possible awareness to it's role in the future of the music industry. :P

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Listening to your show harkened me to Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring". This leads me to mention a series of shows put on by the CBC back in 2008 called twenty pieces of music that changed the world. Stravinsky as well as the Beatles and Elvis are covered in twenty 30 minute shows. Well worth the trip. Go to:

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Ironic that Coryell, a master on his instrument, isn't even the best guitar player on his own best album, "Spaces." That honor goes to John McLaughlin who was playing on the "Bitches Brew" sessions at about the same time and is probably key to the question,"Who invented fusion.?"

But Coryell was also part of the invention of jazz/rock with his group, The Free Spirits, who also included Jim Pepper and Bob Moses. By some accounts they invented the genre.

I enjoyed him most in a pure jazz setting. I had the pleasure of seeing him with Gary Burton's Quartet with Steve Swallow on bass and Roy Haynes (!) sitting in on drums.

He'll be missed.

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No prizes, just announce your theme one week ahead of time and see who best guesses your set list!

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interesting idea!
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The Rite of Spring. This leads me to mention a series of shows put on by the CBC back in 2008 called twenty pieces of music that changed the world. Thank so much