AnalogPlanet Radio's "Infidelity" WFDU HD2 Radio Show Streams Now

Today's AnalogPlanet WFDU HD2 radio show consists of songs about infidelity and cheating. It covers most musical genres, which demonstrates that people cheat regardless of their musical preferences! Whether or not you have cheated, I think you'll dig the songs about it by artists who may or may not have themselves cheated.

BTW: One tune is from a CD, not from vinyl. Any guesses which?

1) June Christy: Something Cool
2) Billie Holiday: I’m a Fool To Want You
3) Hank Williams: Your Cheating Heart
4) Lefty Frizell: Long Black Veil
5) Pixies: Bone Machine
6) Stephen Bishop: On and On
7) Dion: Runaround Sue
8) Shirelles: Baby It’s You
9) Tommy Roe: Hooray For Hazel
10) Dolly Parton: Jolene
11) Billy Paul: Me and Mrs. Jones 13) Johnny Taylor: Who’s Making Love
14) The Shields: You Cheated You Lied
15) Love: Hey Joe
16) Adele: Cold Shoulder
17) Rilo Kiley: Does He Love You
18) Marvin Gaye: I Heard it Through The Grapevine
19) Paul McCartney: Girlfriend
20) Michael Jackson: Girlfriend
21) Elvis Presley: Suspicion
22) Gram Parsons: We’ll Sweep Up and Ashes In The Morning
23) The Eagles: Lying Eyes
24) Amy Winehouse: You Know I’m No Good
25) James Carr: Dark End of The Street
26) Elvis Costello: High Fidelity
27) The Beatles: Run For Your Life

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In the words of the late Artie Johnson. I find it very interesting that you do a show on infidelity just after being away at the Consumer Electronics Show. Hmmmmm.....

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That's precisely what my wife said when I told her the show's subject!
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If so, an absolute admission of guilt.

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In greater detail but I'm applying ointment..
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I thought this radio show was about 'Fidelity' and 'Honesty'!!!!

James, Dublin, Ireland

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You are a saint!
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Hi Michel
Great list of cheating songs. There is one great song missing though..... the most vitriolic one ever!!! Marianne Faithful.....W'dya Do It?

Love Your Radio Show

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One of many great ones for a future show on the same subject....thanks.
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One more Q. What is the means or process by which I can listen to your radio shows with the highest fidelity?


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In the NY/NJ Metro area with an HD radio tuned to WFDU 89.1 when the show airs live is best. Otherwise you'd have to compare the Soundcloud widget on this site with streaming from the site but they only archive for a few weeks. All of the shows are on this site.
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The famous Michael Fremer reach extends far beyond NJ and NY all the up to and including Halifax, Nova Scotia.



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or streaming?
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Joni Mitchell sang a wonderful version of Long Black Veil with Johnny Cash. Would enjoy having you visit my weekly drive time program on KXDU here in St. George. Bit of patter and wonderful music.
I can imagine the work involved in presenting most of your music from digitized from.vinyl. I recall your review of the Alexis Masterlink several years ago. Are you still using as a means of capturing your needle drops?

Michael Fremer's picture
I use a Lynx HiLo A/D, D/A. It's really quite good in both directions, versatile and reasonably priced too. I got mine with a Thunderbolt not USB interface. Where are you? Where is St. George?
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Thanks for reminding me. Any chance you can mention that this month is the 50th anniversary of the Doors first album. Listened to my Japanese pressing last night. Great album. Brought back memories of my So. Cal senior year and the fact that Jim's brother Andy was in my grad. class.

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Why not?
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Jac Holzman on the left, Bruce Botnick in the middle and moderator Mike Mettler (of Sound&Vision) on the right, reminiscing about Jim Morrison at the Hi-Res Pavillion at CES last week:
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Thanks. I love it.

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When we were young kids with little resources it was how we listened to music, new and old. Those who complain about the fidelity of this stream (I'm not one as I am listening through an affordable Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 24/192 usb box & powered JBL LSR 305's on my computer desk) never listened to a "swell" transistor radio at night. It was about the music after all. Thanks, Michael.

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Submitted for your consideration:
Hungry Heart, Norwegian Wood and Your Time Is Gonna Come.

vinyl1's picture might use, "Johnny's Far Away" from Sweet Warrior.

Johnny's joined a ceilidh band
They're known quite well throughout the land, The Drones
The Drones are signed up on a cruise
While Tracey's laying in the booze back home
She's got herself another man, a smoothie
While the kids are in the front room watching movies
She's got him in a head lock, in an arm lock, in a jam
She says, I can't express myself with my old man

While Johnny's far away on the rolling, rolling
Johnny's far away on the rolling sea.....

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Located in southern Utah; stones throw from Zion NP and a couple of hours northeast of Las Vegas. 91.3 fm KXDS is is part of Dixie State University. It would be fun to have you on. Tuesday's from 4-6pm must. My program is a real mash of great music with a special affinity for the WB Records label. Pushing hard for a TT in the studio...

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Would Enjoy Having You On...can we arrange a call in for a future Tuesday?

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I would love to do a call in. I have many great Zion National Park stories. My favorite national park..
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Michael, next Tuesday works. That would be anytime between 6pm and 8pm eastern time. I'm on the air from 4-6pm Mountain time. I don't mind providing my personal e-mail which is
You can catch a sample if you'd like via the Tune In Radio app. 91.3FM KXDS Radio Dixie this afternoon.
best, Dave

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WFDU is running a fund drive. They are in need of a new transmitter. Any donations counts. Plus it keeps Mike on the air lol . Thanks for all you do for the audio world Mike